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Simple Truths Behind Common Blocks – Part IV

Simple Truths Behind Common Blocks – Part IV

We all have them. Those pesky excuses that pop up every time we start to whine about why our work isn’t…working.
I’m going to dig into a few of the ones I hear most often and show you why they aren’t actually true — and how you can actually obliterate them once and for all. (Here’s a tip for you: Most of these excuses are covering a deeper limiting belief. What do you think that belief is for you? Pay attention to what comes up once you debunk these blocks.)

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Today we continue on with the second excuse in our series!

4. I just need to find a way to get clear.


I hear it over and over again. From my clients, from my multi-passionate friends, from other entrepreneurs…even from myself.


You know what it really means? “I need clarity before I can begin,” translates to “I’m afraid to commit to anything.”


Let me give you one big tip right here and now that will help you breathe a little easier. The thing you do next? It doesn’t have to be the thing-you-do-forever. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to commit to ONE thing for the rest of your career/business/life. One of the perks of being on the entrepreneurial trek is that you get to evolve, and your work evolves right along with you. So maybe you’re all about photography this week…but maybe next year you decide to focus on writing. Maybe you want to write a fitness blog now, but you want to be a nutritional coach six months from now. PERFECT. Brilliant. Beautiful. Do it. Don’t let the fear of being pigeon-holed keep you from doing the things that make you really really happy right now.


Here’s another tip. You don’t have to have it perfect before you launch it. This is another form of commitment-phobia…being afraid to commit to a particular version or incarnation of your product or service or big idea. You think you need clarity because you think it will show you the glaring errors and mistakes — but you’ll only find those as you stumble across them on your way. I hate to tell you, but the first time you run your course or coach a client, there will be hiccups. It’s all part of the process. Learn to embrace it, and have fun adjusting your sails once you’re launched.


So where do you actually need clarity?


  • You need to know what is pulling you right now. Where is your heart urging you to go? What project or work is really exciting these days? Focus on that. Wrap up any other loose ends to free yourself to pursue the work that is lighting you up most, then run with it and see where it leads you! Your soul uses these cues to help you dial in to what you’re called to do, so follow them.
  • You need to know how you want to work. Set your boundaries around the work you will do and what you won’t take on, when you’re willing to be ‘clocked in’ and when you’re out of office, and what you want your days to look like. Pretend you’re sitting down with your boss, creating your work outline. Come up with your ideal schedule (based on what YOU need, not what you assume your clients will expect of you) and stick to all the boundaries you set. Having this all down in writing gives you the structure you need to support the great work you’re meant to do.
  • You need to know what you’re giving. This is for your clients as much as it is for you. What gifts are you giving those who come to you? How are you serving them? What can they expect to receive when they walk away from this experience with you? How do you want to impact their lives? Being able to quantify this allows you to lean on it for marketing purposes, gives you leverage for communicating with your clients, and also helps you recognize the value in what you’re doing. You won’t be tempted to trade dollars for time when you know it’s about the results, not the work.


When you have an idea of your general purpose in this life, you have all the clarity you need. You’ll find that your divine purpose is about more than just your job or your career path — and that for most of us, we can do a whole list of things at any given time that serves to fulfill that purpose. Often, the clarity you seek (if it’s not a commitment-phobic sneak attack) is a craving for deeper purpose; a purpose that drives our entire existence, one that is written on our hearts and etched in our souls. It’s that divine purpose that gives meaning to all we do, and when we stop at our job title, we innately know that we haven’t dug in far enough. Your purpose is more than photography, more than teaching, more than design. And when you realize that, you’ll have all the clarity you’ll ever need.


I’ve got a few more excuse-busting posts queued up to launch your way over the coming days…but I’d also like to hear what your biggest hurdles are right now! What is holding you back in your business or in getting your work out there?? Post in the comments below and I’ll dig into those ones, too!



written by Bri Heida
Brianna is a chronically-ill mama to four kiddos in the beautiful chaos of a blended family with her husband, Dustin. She's an artist, writer, and pastor, and her latest adventure is planting a fully digital church, Painted Prayers Church.

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