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Our Story

Who we are, and how we got here

Our Story

Who we are, and how we got here

Art heals.

Just after I turned 30, the pain started. The physical pain that had manifested from years of stuffing it down, from numbing out, from trying to be enough. All the trauma of a life, expressing in desperation through unexplainable pain. I started down a road to healing, though it didn’t come in the form I expected — from the doctors and the scans and the bloodwork and the tests. That only led to scratching heads and shrugs, as I was passed off to one specialist after another.

In the midst of all of this, I was completely out of commission. God knocked me on my rear and said, “We’re going to start from scratch now.” All my old routines and habits and systems were demolished. All my work, finished. I dove into prayer and journaling and painting, unable to do anything else for months. And as my words hit the page, and as the paint hit the canvas, I began to heal. Old, deep, dark wounds poured onto the piece before me. As I painted it out of me, I realized it was no longer inside of me. Just like that. Gone. Purged. Tears flowed as freely as the colors — and once I was good and wrecked, with each stroke, I felt myself coming back together. Hope and renewed faith and life reborn. All of it, playing out in the painting. Layer upon layer, it told the story — first of my wrecking, my undoing, and then of my transformation.

Here’s the thing. Art heals. It doesn’t care who you are or what you do. It doesn’t care if you think you’re creative, or whether you can even draw a stick figure. It just cares that you show up. That you trust. And it will heal you.


Focused not on self, but on seeing the world through the eyes of Christ.


Seeking God and following in obedience without hesitation or reservation.

Who are we?


Standing on the foundation of God’s Word so we can tackle the hard things with grace.


In awe of God’s presence in our life, steeped in the wonder of the mystery of God.


Holding loosely the things of this world, sharing generously all we have.

Why an online church?

There are so many people in our world today who are disconnected from church. People who struggle with chronic illness, with disability, with mental health challenges. People who’ve been hurt by the people in churches. People who have been misunderstood, dismissed, overlooked, or forgotten. Jesus came to seek the lost, and we are following that mission in seeking out the disconnected – those who would never walk through the doors of a church, for whatever reason.
An online church reaches everyone exactly where they are, in their homes or at their jobs, on the phones in their pockets or the laptops by their bedside. It gives them a safe option to explore their spiritual curiosity without pressure or judgment or fear. It can connect the children of God from all the ends of the earth.

How will we do this?

  • Painted Prayers Church starts with creativity; we meet God first as our Creator and develop a personal connection through a creative spiritual practice.
  • Once we experience that communion, we spill over into curiosity as we long to learn more about who God is, which we explore through courses, study, and discussion with others.
  • This draws us into connection, as we plug into deeper community of the church and begin doing life with others on the same path of spiritual growth.
  • The culmination of this sends us to get going, sharing and serving our local communities, neighbors, and the needs around us.
Our church flips the script on traditional models of church; not only are we online, but our focus is not on the Sunday gatherings – we emphasize the daily spiritual practices that draw us closer to Christ, the communal life we experience during the week, and the people God has placed around us as opportunities to love and serve. When we do gather for worship, the experience is deeply holy and participatory.
Our goal is to unleash a priesthood of believers on local communities across the globe. We will nurture and train everyday saints to follow Christ and become spiritual leaders in their own homes, neighborhoods, and communities.
Painted Prayers, Inc, is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.