Our new community is now open! Join us today.

We’re so glad you’re here.

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, because you’re among friends here.

We’re so glad you’re here.

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, because you’re among friends here.

You matter, and you are loved.

Regardless of who you are, who you love, what you look like, or what you believe.

Our Mission

To connect the disconnected


Social media users who report loneliness

We are reaching out to those who would never walk through the doors of a traditional church, for whatever reason.

Physically Disconnected

Those who struggle with physical or mental illness, the disabled, those who don’t have access to a local church or are physically unable to walk into a church building

Spiritually Disconnected

Those who have been hurt by the church, who don’t feel welcome at their local church, or have shut down to the idea of church

Emotionally Disconnected

Those who have been overlooked or forgotten by the church, who have been dismissed or shunned

Spiritual Growth with Painted Prayers

Get Creative

During this season, we’re testing the waters in building a personal relationship with God. We use creativity and art to learn to trust in ourselves, our inner guidance, and God. 

Get Connected

During this season, we are seeking community in which we can live this out. We need both online community to embrace us, and local neighbors to do life with. We root ourselves in connection with others to see God at work there.

Get Curious

During this season, we’re hungry to find out who God is and how we got here. We learn about how we were designed and how the kingdom of God actually works.

Get Going

During this season, we are ready to serve and share what we’ve been given. We surrender to being the center of the story we’re living, in favor of getting to show Christ in the lives of those we meet.

There is so much noise in our day that we rarely give our souls an opportunity to listen. That’s exactly what Brianna walks you through during one of her painted prayer workshops. To listen and give the spirit an opportunity to move and speak to you through the canvas.

I have been able to find healing in areas of my life that I had buried so deep and instead fill those wounds with an intimacy with God that I had not even known was possible. I think we all go through life a little broken and wounded and we think that those feelings are just normal and that we have to stay there. The truth is that we don’t and we weren’t meant to and I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to see and experience that going through Brianna’s workshops. ❤️

Mandi S.

A Note from Brianna

Painted Prayers Church is the church I needed, but couldn’t find. The ministry was born out of my own wrestling with spiritual and physical pain, as I spent years with God in the wilderness. Over time, the religious tropes and legalistic teachings I had been part of no longer seemed to hold up to what I was learning by spending time in God’s presence. The faith that once captured my attention now felt hollow and lifeless in comparison to the reality of the faith I was living in a broken body.

Like me, I know many who have fallen into deconstruction — not as an active choice to walk away from the church, but as a natural response to a faith that fell short, a community that didn’t hold up, a wound that wasn’t addressed. There is no doubt for me that God is bigger than the boxes we’ve made to contain the Holy, and I wanted to be part of a church that worships in curiosity, that craves to create, that revels in the hardest questions. I hope that’s what we’re building here. Won’t you come join us?

Join Us

Your prayer matters more than you know. We are asking God to move mountains in this digital rescue mission of ours, and it will take a lot of prayer to make that happen! You can sign up to receive updates and prayer requests, in order to add your voice to ours as we ask God to move through our ministry.

Our financial needs might be different from that of a traditional church, but they are still very real. We need your generosity to bring our vision to life! You can give a one-time gift to help fund launch costs, or you can choose to give regularly to keep our mission moving forward.

Launching and running a church takes a lot of different talents and personalities, and we are not equipped to handle all the moving parts on our own. God doesn’t intend this church be about any one person or pastor, but about the power of all of us coming together to create something incredible.