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Our scars are not penetrating

Our scars are not penetrating

We are all the same, deep down. At our core. Each of us a soul, spending time here in this life to learn important lessons that will bring us back Home, back to God. No matter what your present beliefs are about religion and God and the Universe, at the heart of all faith is the same message. Many paths, one mountain.

It’s all the things wrapped around that core, our soul, that make us different. That’s where we become human. And with the human experience, we are separated from that Self that is Soul. We detach from what makes us part of the Divine – at first to immerse ourselves in the lessons we came to learn, and after time, out of habit. We forget that most sacred part of ourselves. We lose touch with our connectedness.

We get lost.

If you’re here with me, chances are you’re ready to find your way back. You’re homesick (for Home). You know there’s more, you know there’s better. You know there’s a different way.

The good news: You’re right. The bad news: To find it, you’ll have to shed all the ‘human drama’ you’ve accumulated and grown accustomed to.

The best news: Your Soul self is your natural state, so nothing is easier. If you truly want it.

As we do self-work and start making our way through personal growth blogs, self-help books and the like, we are completely overwhelmed. Each one has a different approach, different answers. We are told that in order to ‘fix’ ourselves, we have to do the heavy, hard work of digging into our past hurts, forgiving past wrong-doings, letting go of past pain. All of the ‘work’ feels more painful and more confusing and more torturous because of one major oversight.

Our scars are not penetrating.

All of these methods work on the premise that in order to heal, you must start from the outside and work your way in, peeling off one layer of the past at a time. Facing your old wounds one at a time, making peace with each one. Reliving the drama, experience the pain anew. But here’s the key to changing that perception of ‘how to do the work.’

Our scars are not penetrating.

These wounds, these scars, this baggage we continue to haul around with us. None of it can ever – will ever – penetrate our Soul self. That Soul is forever untouched, forever perfect, forever Divine. And it comes with a self-equipped healing light that can bust through all the layers, melting it all away in an instant. To activate it, all we have to do is connect. Breathe into it, remind ourselves what it feels like to actually BE pure, divine Love.

Because the instant we do this, we can see What Is. As soon as we’re able to see from that place of Love, we can see the Soul of those we have encountered, those still engaged in ongoing drama. And we see it all for what it is – human drama. Illusion. The valuable lesson plans we’ve come to experience – but don’t have to identify with ourselves.

That detachment from the drama is what allows us to reframe the stories we tell ourselves, the scripts we’ve been running over and over again. It takes the power away from the past, allows us to objectively see the lessons and growth that have come from those experiences, and puts our focus back on the present.

It gives us back our power, and with it, our peace.

So, now you have to ask yourself…knowing this, that to be whole all you must do is release the drama and connect with your innermost core…

Are you willing to release the drama? Or are you going to continue to grip it, stubbornly holding on to that which forms the barriers between your conscious self and your Soul?

Welcome back, dear Soul. I’ve been waiting for You.


written by Bri Heida
Brianna is a chronically-ill mama to four kiddos in the beautiful chaos of a blended family with her husband, Dustin. She's an artist, writer, and pastor, and her latest adventure is planting a fully digital church, Painted Prayers Church.

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