The process of manifestation is the process of aligning your vibration with the vibration of that which you desire.

Here’s the catch: You cannot choose the form in which it manifests.

Start at the core of it. How do you want to FEEL? What is it about what you’re lusting after that really gets you going? If it’s a space or a place, how will you feel when you’re in it? What will you do there? And how will THAT make you feel? How do you want others to feel when they arrive? Don’t get caught up in what it should look like or where it should be. The ‘shoulds’ are not for you to decide, and often just trip you up and get in your way. The ‘shoulds’ are ego’s way of controlling the situation.

If it’s a relationship you desire, think about the way you want it to make you feel. Don’t focus on who it needs to be with or what they need to look like. Or even what they need to do – because it’s not about the hows, it’s always about the whys. Why do you want that relationship? How will it make you feel? How will you want to interact within it?

Here’s a quick reminder for you – we have no control over anyone outside of ourselves. So if your idea of a great relationship is one where Mr. Right brings you home flowers every day after work, takes you to a movie every Friday night, and buys you a gift every month ‘just because’ – look deeper. You can’t control his actions, but you CAN focus on why you want those things. How would you feel if someone did each of those things for you? When you focus on the emotions it evokes, you get to the meat of the manifesting. If you stay on the surface, and stubbornly attempt to manifest just the actions…would you be surprised to find that they’re hollow when they do arrive? Maybe your new guy brings you flowers for no reason, but maybe he just dumps them on the counter unceremoniously. Maybe he brings you flowers every week to ease the guilt he feels when he flirts with his new co-worker. No, focus on the feelings you want to have, and you’ll be shocked at how many different ways that can manifest in your life!

Once you get down to it, the feelings driving that desire, look for ways to bring glimpses of those feelings into your daily life. Starting right…now.

So if you decide that you want a relationship that is quirky, and full of spontaneous adventures…how can you bring that energy into your life today? Do you have friendships that already fall into that category? Can you follow your own impulses for solo adventures – or if you want to share them, can you call up a random friend to join you? Even if it’s a sudden craving for sweets that leads you to a waffle cone of Superman ice cream, or a whimsical urge that finds you blowing bubbles on the bank of a creek, these little indulgences send a HUGE memo to the Universe. You’re saying: THIS. This is what I want to feel. This is what I want more of.

You’re sending another message entirely if you FAIL to do this. If you want the spontaneous, quirky fun in your life – and you hold out for it until the Universe delivers Mr. Right to your doorstep, you are sending out signals that tell the Universe that you don’t think you deserve it. If you are withholding joy from yourself, you are very loudly instructing the Universe to do so, as well. It’s when we allow ourselves to experience the feelings we want to have everyday that the Universe rushes in to amplify them. It sees our joy and wants to increase it. Once we are able to match our vibration to the things we want most, the Universe immediately seeks to surround us with MORE of that vibration. Like attracts like, and all that jazz…so why are we surprised when we just end up with MORE waiting if all we are doing is waiting?? We have to take the action to start the flow. Our thoughts are only the beginning!


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