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painted prayers: Art of Faith

A course to transform your faith using creativity

You know that there’s more to this faith thing than checking off a box every Sunday morning. You can’t shake this sense that there may be more to God than religion has let on. You feel like you may be missing something — some connection, some understanding, some intimate knowing

If you long for a more personal relationship with your Creator, get to know God more deeply through art exploration. Cultivate a new spiritual practice that allows you to break free from the constraints of any one denomination and learn who God is firsthand. 

 You don’t have to settle for a mediocre spiritual life. There is more available to you! You just need a bit of guidance to get there. 

* You don’t have to be an artist. We’ll help you find your creative practice or refine it if you already have one. Painting, collaging, poetry, pottery, jewelry-making, photography…ANY form of creativity can be channeled into a deeper relationship with God.
* You don’t have to live here. The entire course will be done online (yay!) so you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.
* You don’t have to have anything figured out yet. This course is designed to help take anyone on a deeper journey with God, whether you already have a faith practice or not! It does approach faith from a Christian perspective, but many of the principles are universal. Truth is truth.

Course begins when you sign up!

This course is paced as a 4-week, online video course. You can move through the lessons at your own pace, and will never lose access.

The Art of Faith has been a life-changing experience. Prompting me to think outside the box, to dive deeper into the Word of God and to see things from a different perspective. It has helped me grow on so many levels.

I would highly recommend the Art of Faith for anyone looking for a deeper connection with God, who would like to discover things about themselves that would surprise them. Those looking for a real and fun way to pray and hear Holy Spirit’s voice.

The material is brilliant, Brianna is absolutely amazing! The community is supportive. If you want a positive change that will help you grow in all aspects of life, you are in the right place!

May you be truly blessed.

Shantal G.


  • Week One: You’ll learn the Painted Prayers process and explore art & creativity
  • Week Two: You’ll learn how God designed you and how He’ll transform you
  • Week Three: You’ll learn how to live led by Holy Spirit and how spiritual disciplines work
  • Week Four: You’ll learn how to live in community and find purpose
  • Each week includes three lessons, a Bible study exploration, and a creative practice session
We are waiving the donation amount.

As a nonprofit organization, we work to make all of our programs as accessible as possible. We typically ask you to pay what you can for this course — with a suggested donation of $100. But in light of the current pandemic, we feel that now (more than ever!) we all need a better, deeper, more connected relationship with God.

So for now, you can sign up with no cost or obligation. Simply submit your information and you’ll be added to the course!

If you feel called to donate to support this and our other programs, you can do so at our donation page. We appreciate any support we get!

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