Our new community is now open! Join us today.

Painted Prayers is being planted!

We’re turning into a fully digital church.
We are so excited to share our vision for this new adventure with you. Will you take a few minutes to dream with us?
There are so many people in our world today who are disconnected from church. People who struggle with chronic illness, with disability, with mental health challenges. People who’ve been hurt by the people in churches. People who have been misunderstood, dismissed, overlooked, or forgotten. Jesus came to seek the lost, and we are following that mission in seeking out the disconnected – those who would never walk through the doors of a church, for whatever reason.
An online church reaches everyone exactly where they are, in their homes or at their jobs, on the phones in their pockets or the laptops by their bedside. It gives them a safe option to explore their spiritual curiosity without pressure or judgment or fear. It can connect the children of God from all the ends of the earth.


  • Painted Prayers Church starts with creativity; we meet God first as our Creator and develop a personal connection through a creative spiritual practice.
  • Once we experience that communion, we spill over into curiosity as we long to learn more about who God is, which we explore through courses, study, and discussion with others.
  • This draws us into connection, as we plug into deeper community of the church and begin doing life with others on the same path of spiritual growth.
  • The culmination of this sends us to get going, sharing and serving our local communities, neighbors, and the needs around us.
Our church flips the script on traditional models of church; not only are we online, but our focus is not on the Sunday gatherings – we emphasize the daily spiritual practices that draw us closer to Christ, the communal life we experience during the week, and the people God has placed around us as opportunities to love and serve. When we do gather for worship, the experience is deeply holy and participatory.
Our goal is to unleash a priesthood of believers on local communities across the globe. We will nurture and train everyday saints to follow Christ and become spiritual leaders in their own homes, neighborhoods, and communities. 

We need your help to make this happen. You can partner with us in one of three ways: through prayer, through giving, and through serving with us. 

PRAY. Your prayer matters more than you know. We are asking God to move mountains in this digital rescue mission of ours, and it will take a lot of deep, intentional prayer to make that happen. We need prayer to keep us in line with God’s vision for us, to give us the endurance to keep going during the inevitable setbacks, to encourage us through signs and wonders. We’ll need a full on battalion of prayer warriors on our side to see this through!

GIVE. Our financial needs are different from that of a traditional church plant – there are no buildings to fund, no chairs to buy – but still very real. From technology expenses like an up-to-date computer, to dependable equipment for recording and streaming to reach out online, to the nuts-and-bolts systems that keep a website and a digital community running smoothly, we need your generosity to bring our vision to life. You can give a one-time gift to help fund launch costs, or you can choose to give regularly to keep our mission moving forward. 

SERVE. We also need you! Launching a church takes a lot of different talents and personalities, and we are not solely equipped to handle all the moving parts. God doesn’t intend for this church to be about any one person or pastor, but about the power of all of us coming together to build something incredible. The heart of our church is to help every member uncover who they were designed by God to be, and then to empower them to use their gifts and their unique wiring to build the Kingdom of God here and now. We invite you to prayerfully consider how your gifts could be used to see this vision brought to life. Whether it’s playing music for an hour a month or helping organize administrative work for a few hours, or something else God has put on your heart to do, you can make a significant impact on our mission! To chat about how you can serve with us, click the button below to start an email conversation.