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A Hundred Painted Prayers

Bold Prayer. Big Love. An Art Project.

A hundred painted prayers. One hundred pieces of art — any size, any medium, any canvas. One hundred works of intuitive art, infused with prayer.

I’ve always been drawn to prayer. These conversations with God are powerful beyond measure. They work to deepen my faith, to further my surrender, and to find peace through grace.

I find myself writing prayers often in my journaling. Prayers of gratitude, prayers of grief. Prayers of despair and prayers of joy. Prayers that humbly ask for everything from clarity to strength to abundance to insight. During my own healing journey, I found my prayer journaling and my art colliding; as the paint poured onto the canvas, it was infused with the prayers that flowed from my heart.

This project has been daunting. I’d never committed to creating a hundred of anything before, and yet my heart was called to it. These intuitive paintings are led by my soul, in communion with prayer. Each one comes with a written prayer, designed to bring grace through art into the lives of others.

My hope in this project is that through me, and through my paintbrush, grace and faith can be moved within you.