Grow closer to god through art.


Painted Prayers workshops, retreats, and classes gather women to explore creativity and art as a way to connect with God. These workshops aim to arm women with new tools for exploring their faith, experiencing spiritual growth, and moving them ever closer to God.


Through one-on-one coaching, we use creative tools and art-driven exercises to guide clients on their walk with God. We help them overcome the struggles in their faith in the process of grace, surrender, and transformation.


Spirit-inspired artwork can be a transformational experience in and of itself. Art has the power to stir emotions, convey meaning, and spark new perspectives. The 100 Painted Prayers Project is intended to spread love, hope, and joy to all those who see it.

Instructor Training

Become a certified Painted Prayers Instructor, and build your own creative ministry teaching others art as a spiritual practice. You’ll find a stronger faith for yourself, and learn ways to reach the broken using art. Answer God’s call on your life, find fulfillment in your work.

Creative Salvation: Celebration

This week, Dustin and I talk about what it means to celebrate well. I wrestle with reconciling what celebration used to look like in my life, versus what it looks like now, and Dustin really helps me reframe that. I share my thoughts on why we're meant to celebrate...

Creative Salvation: Instructor Training Rehash

This week, Dustin and I talk about the process of training the first cohort of Painted Prayers Instructors! We take you behind the scenes of creating the course itself, and talk about managing it all with my chronic illness. Definitely NOT an easy task! I discuss my...

Creative Salvation: Holiday Season Kick-Off!

This week, Aisling and Arabella join me to kick off the holiday season! We chat about all of our favorite things about the holidays, and let you in on some of the funny memories we have from holidays past. The first take of this recording did NOT record,...

Creative Salvation: In Sickness

This week, Dustin and I talk about our marriage and what makes us work. We take you behind the scenes during our courtship, talk about what went into our wedding and the process of blending our families -- and then we get into the nitty gritty of what it...

There is so much noise in our day that we rarely give our souls an opportunity to listen. That’s exactly what Brianna walks you through during one of her painted prayer workshops. To listen and give the spirit an opportunity to move and speak to you through the canvas.

I have been able to find healing in areas of my life that I had buried so deep and instead fill those wounds with an intimacy with God that I had not even known was possible. I think we all go through life a little broken and wounded and we think that those feelings are just normal and that we have to stay there. The truth is that we don’t and we weren’t meant to and I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to see and experience that going through Brianna’s workshops <3


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