We explore art and creativity as a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual growth.


Painted Prayers workshops, retreats, and classes gather women to explore creativity and art as a way to connect with God. These workshops aim to arm women with new tools for exploring their faith, experiencing spiritual growth, and moving them ever closer to God.


Through one-on-one coaching, we use creative tools and art-driven exercises to guide clients on their walk with God. We help them overcome the struggles in their faith in the process of grace, surrender, and transformation.


Spirit-inspired artwork can be a transformational experience in and of itself. Art has the power to stir emotions, convey meaning, and spark new perspectives. The 100 Painted Prayers Project is intended to spread love, hope, and joy to all those who see it.

Artist Training

Artists have the power to inspire, to connect, to facilitate healing. Our artist training focuses on a Thrive-to-Serve model, in which artists first find sustaining business practices in order to thrive, so that they may then serve the community that supports them.

You’ll See.

The Easter story is a remarkable one. It's also a relatable one. This year, more than any before, it's hitting home for me in a really big way.   Imagine it. You're a disciple, a follower of Jesus, and you've given up your whole life to take a journey with the man...

WOO your strengths: An interview with UnleashStrengths.com

I love to talk. That is no secret. Get me into a discussion about something I'm passionate about (which, let's face it...is pretty much anything), and I can go for daaaays. But focus that chat on something like strengths and authenticity, and it is GAME ON.   I had...

Celebrate Series with The OWN!

If you've chatted with me lately, you know that I am ALL sorts of on board with the mission of this incredible company, The OWN. Located here in Rapid City, South Dakota, The OWN is a co-op for fierce, fearless women business owners. It provides customized support,...

The Creative Process

The creative process is never a tidy one.   When I start to feel the tugs of a new idea, I know I'm in for one helluva ride. It's a cross between giving birth and bull riding -- and can last anywhere between 8 seconds and 9 months. (Or, for those really BIG ideas,...

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