Grow closer to god through art.


Painted Prayers workshops, retreats, and classes gather women to explore creativity and art as a way to connect with God. These workshops aim to arm women with new tools for exploring their faith, experiencing spiritual growth, and moving them ever closer to God.


Our monthly donors are invited into a private community and given access to our Wonder curriculum, where they can cultivate a creative relationship with the Bible. This program takes Bible journaling to a new level, introducing you to a personal relationship with God.


Spirit-inspired artwork can be a transformational experience in and of itself. Art has the power to stir emotions, convey meaning, and spark new perspectives. The 100 Painted Prayers Project is intended to spread love, hope, and joy to all those who see it.

Instructor Training

Become a certified Painted Prayers Instructor, and build your own creative ministry teaching others art as a spiritual practice. You’ll find a stronger faith for yourself, and learn ways to reach the broken using art. Answer God’s call on your life, find fulfillment in your work.

Creative Salvation: Faith Through Setbacks

In this episode, Dustin and I are discussing setbacks. The emotions they stir up, how our faith is affected by them, how we can change our perspective on them (and in them!). *Note: This episode was actually recording last fall but never posted! As we set out to plan...

Creative Salvation: Wrestling with Unbelief

This week, I have a really tough conversation with my teen daughters, Aisling and Arabella. They're at an age where they're wrestling with what they believe and what they don't believe, and this is the first time they've really admitted to me where they are right now...

Creative Salvation: Chronically Creative

This week, I'm joined by my awesome 14-year-old daughter, Arabella! She and I are on similar journeys with our health; we both have a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We talk about what that means and how we experience it. Then we get into how our...

Creative Salvation: Shifting with the Seasons

This week, Dustin and I talk about heading into summer, and how we get intentional about the changing seasons. How can we make sure the summer isn't a total bust? How can we set better expectations and get the most out of the seasonal shift?   Give it a listen,...

There is so much noise in our day that we rarely give our souls an opportunity to listen. That’s exactly what Brianna walks you through during one of her painted prayer workshops. To listen and give the spirit an opportunity to move and speak to you through the canvas.

I have been able to find healing in areas of my life that I had buried so deep and instead fill those wounds with an intimacy with God that I had not even known was possible. I think we all go through life a little broken and wounded and we think that those feelings are just normal and that we have to stay there. The truth is that we don’t and we weren’t meant to and I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to see and experience that going through Brianna’s workshops <3


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