Artist Training

Helping artists with our Thrive-to-Serve training

The myth of the “starving artist” needs to die. Artists are such a valuable asset to our communities, and they too often buy into the lie that they shouldn’t be able to make a living from their art. Maybe they lack the skill set or knowledge to build thriving, sustaining businesses. Or maybe they just have no idea where to begin at all.

Our Thrive-to-Serve model for training artists is based on our belief that art heals, which means that artists are in a prime position to help heal our communities. At the end of our workshops, we always hear comments like, “You know who this would be GREAT for?!” And then the list never ends: homeless shelters, battered women, cancer patients, at-risk youth, foster kids, seniors with Alzheimer’s, and on and on. And they’re RIGHT! This method of using art to explore our pain has an unlimited number of applications, but we can’t serve them all! So instead, we’re going to train other artists to reach into the community to help those they are personally called to serve.

Of course, if we are struggling in survival mode, we can’t be of service to anyone. That’s why we’re committed to first helping artists learn to thrive, so they are then free to serve.

Are you an artist, maker, or creative?

Let us help you get a solid foundation under your feet so that you can then take your art to the people you are called to serve! Find out about training opportunities and get signed up to attend one soon.

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