Painted Prayers Board Member Application
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Thank you for your interest in serving on our Board of Directors!
Please provide as much information as you can, so that we can get an accurate idea of how you'd be able to further our organization's mission and grow its vision!

Board members serve a two-year term once elected, and can choose to serve as an Officer on the Board or head a committee. Board meetings are a minimum of four times per calendar year, with an Annual Meeting held each November. Board members may have two unexcused absences before they may be asked to step down. All Board members are expected to participate fully, and to work to raise both awareness and funds for Painted Prayers.

Our core values at Painted Prayers are creativity, faith, curiosity, generosity, and courage. We believe that God uses creativity to connect with us, to heal us, and to transform us. Before we do anything, we surrender it all to God, who can do more than we can imagine!

If you are interested in committing to serve with us, let's jump in and get started!

Founder, Painted Prayers, Inc.
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