I love to talk. That is no secret. Get me into a discussion about something I’m passionate about (which, let’s face it…is pretty much anything), and I can go for daaaays. But focus that chat on something like strengths and authenticity, and it is GAME ON.


I had the sheer joy of being featured on the THEME-ADDICTS podcast this past week, and I loved EVERY MINUTE of conversation. I shared my own top strengths (Strategy, Woo, Ideation, Belief, Communication) and how discovering them has shaped my own path. We also examined how strengths discovery might differ for women in particular, and how freeing it was for me personally. I seriously can’t tell you how awesome it was to get to riff on this topic, and OF COURSE we hit on all the pieces that are most near and dear to my own heart!



Take the time to check it out, and if you enjoyed it, please leave a review on iTunes! Pop over to the show notes page for links that we discussed, and to learn more about the show in general. And as always, SHARE the love! If you dig it, pass it on to some other folks who would, too!



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