Brianna fields common questions we get about Painted Prayers, Inc
What's a struggle you end up addressing with pretty much every client you work with?

We forget, don’t we? That we’re meant for something bigger, for something downright magical. There are miracles that only we can set into motion. We get so caught up in trying to be what the world tells us we “should” be, weighed down by expectation and shame. We forget that God made us ON PURPOSE, with purpose, down to the smallest quirky detail. Our one job is to live whole-heartedly, chasing the mission set before us…without fear, without question. In bold faith.

How do we get back to that? How do we hear the calling through the noise of the world? We shift our priorities — putting our own personal values and beliefs front and center. We tap into imagination and creativity, whatever form that takes for us. We lean into prayer.

When/How did you know you had to do the work you do?

Four years ago, the pain started. The physical pain that had manifested from years of stuffing it down, from numbing out, from trying to be enough. All the trauma of a life, expressing in desperation through unexplainable pain. I started down a road to healing, though it didn’t come in the form I expected — from the doctors and the scans and the bloodwork and the tests. That only led to scratching heads and shrugs, as I was passed off to one specialist after another.

In the midst of all of this, I was completely out of commission. God knocked me on my rear and said, “We’re going to start from scratch now.” All my old routines and habits and systems were demolished. All my work, finished. I dove into prayer and journaling and painting, unable to do anything else for months. And as my words hit the page, and as the paint hit the canvas, I began to heal. Old, deep, dark wounds poured onto the piece before me. As I painted it out of me, I realized it was no longer inside of me. Just like that. Gone. Purged. Tears flowed as freely as the colors — and once I was good and wrecked, with each stroke, I felt myself coming back together. Hope and renewed faith and life reborn. All of it, playing out in the painting. Layer upon layer, it told the story — first of my wrecking, my undoing, and then of my transformation.

Here’s the thing. Art heals. It doesn’t care who you are or what you do. It doesn’t care if you think you’re creative, or whether you can even draw a stick figure. It just cares that you show up. That you trust. And it will heal you.

What's one thing you wish every potential client knew about you and your work?

I wish you understood that there’s nothing mystical about what I do. It doesn’t matter who you are or how “creative” you think you are, I can guide you to your soul’s insight in a playful, joyful, surprising way! I’ve got this knack for helping you see things in a new, fresh way — and my intuition picks up hits that unlock deeper truths with ease.

When we work together, it’s all about seeing YOU as you were created by God Himself, and putting the focus back on fulfilling the mission designed for you. I believe we should all be living whole-hearted, hand-crafted lives, and that’s what is going to change the world.

My inner fire is ignited when I connect others with their faith, with their mission, and with each other. No matter what form the work takes, it’s sacred.

(This watercolor was done by my 10-year-old daughter, as we explored how God had moved in her heart on this particular day. The symbolism was astounding — and she’s TEN. You can do this, too. I promise.)

What's going on with your clients before working with you? What changes as a result of working with you?

Before – She is a little lost, buried under years of “shoulds” and the expectations of others. She’s been told for so long that she’s too much of something, not enough of something else. Criticized for the things that make her HER. She’s exhausted, weary from shouldering the pressure to be perfect, to match someone else’s ideal. She’s itching to shed the “shoulds” and is ready to rebel. To take back her life. To stop numbing out, to figure out how she’s actually meant to be living her life.

She struggles with her faith, finding a way to express it or connect with it fully. She had a bad experience or a falling out with a church or religion in the past, and it damaged her relationship with God. She knows there’s a yearning there for a deeper connection to her Source, but doesn’t know how to reach it without the church. Or doesn’t know how to worship or celebrate with others once separated from the religion. She’s looking for a way to reconcile the craving for soul, to ignite that divine spark once more. She wants an active faith, a living faith. Intentional spiritual practice.

She craves creativity. She finds herself saying things like, “I wish I was more creative,” or, “If only I had time to be creative.” She pins crafty projects and art inspiration on Pinterest like there’s no tomorrow, but never seems to get around to any actual creating. Somewhere along the line, she bought into the idea that she’s not good enough to create art.

After? She sees herself as God created her. All those flaws have transformed into superpowers, and she knows how to harness them. She sees how she can serve, the impact she wants to make, her mark on this world. She’s had the fire lit in her belly, and is eager to leap. No longer alone, she’s now tapped into a greater source, a higher power, and has a newfound community supporting her. Her role is crystal clear, based on a new perspective of her strengths, her values, and her desires.

She has reclaimed her God. She sees that God hasn’t left for a moment, that He was just waiting for her to come Home. She understands that she doesn’t need the approval of a specific church or religious sect to have a deep, meaningful relationship with her deity. She now has a broader set of tools to foster that connection, and has discovered the faith that truly lights her up, brings her joy. She’s dialed in to her intuition, recognizing it as holy, and has devoted her life to following that small, still voice within her.

She has begun to use art and creativity as a way to heal her life. She’s started a regular creative practice that helps her connect with her true self, her spirituality, and her great work. She understands that creativity is not a luxury, low on the totem pole of priorities, but something crucial, that feeds her soul and fuels her work. She is comfortable expressing herself through creative outlets, having found her groove and her particular talent within the realm of the creative.

She is devoted to living a whole-hearted, hand-crafted life…rooted in mission, just as God created her.

What's the big WHY behind your work?

I look at my two oldest daughters, who are both blossoming in this life. As I’ve watched them grow, I’ve seen them come up against criticism, peer pressure, expectations. And each time something challenges them, they pause, and I see them struggle with the decision to either accept the pressure and conform — or to hold true to their souls and keep being authentically them. There have been tears shed, tempers lost, anxiety and fear and sorrow. And through it all, they fight and fight to remain true to themselves.

We’ve all gone through that same challenge, again and again. How many of us decided at a very young age that it was easier to just give up? To stop fighting? To conform, to accept the expectations of someone else’s ideal? To turn away from our faith and what we know to be true in our hearts…just because it was too much to bear alone?

I do the work I do because it’s time to reclaim our souls. That little spark that’s been buried deep within, it’s time to ignite it again. To reconnect with our faith and deepen our connection with the Creator. To embrace and celebrate WHO WE ARE on a soul level, as God intended, so that we can finally — FINALLY — walk the path that was meant for us, fulfill the divine mission that’s been patiently waiting for us all these years.

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