If you’ve chatted with me lately, you know that I am ALL sorts of on board with the mission of this incredible company, The OWN. Located here in Rapid City, South Dakota, The OWN is a co-op for fierce, fearless women business owners. It provides customized support, collaborative networking — and so, so much more. If you’re local and curious, I’m always happy to gush about how amazing this group of women are…and how you can be one of us!


I was honored to be selected to interview for The OWN’s Celebrate Series podcast, which spotlights women who are rocking the business world. This podcast is typically kept private, for OWNers’ ears only, but I’ve gotten permission to share it here, too! This will give you a peek into my own entrepreneurial journey, as well as a taste of what The OWN is all about. Plus, listening to Sam and I talk is pretty much the funnest thing ever. Pretty sure we should get paid just to talk to each other all day.



I’d LOVE to hear what you think, and if something we touched on struck a chord with you! Feel free to chime in on the conversation below!



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